Thursday, March 8, 2012

Serbian member of Anonymous group arrested

BELGRADE -- B92 has learned that a person suspected of attempting to hack into several websites maintained by state institutions has been arrested in Serbia.

The attempted attacks, and the arrest took place on Thursday.

According to reports, the suspect is a member of the "Serbian cell" of the hacker group Anonymous.

The prosecutor in charge of high tech crime, Branko Stamenković, said that as soon as attempts to break into the websites were registered, an investigation was launched that led to the suspect within hours.

"This is one of the fastest operations that we and our colleagues ever carried out, because we found them in a short amount of time. Not many managed to do that elsewhere in the world," said Stamenković.

But the prosecutor would not reveal any other details, as his team is working under the assumption that the person now detained is a member of a group, while the operation continues.

Globally, the group dubbed Anonymous - whose members some describe as "hacktivists" - has been launching DDoS attacks against websites, in some cases also breaking through their security and stealing data.

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