Monday, March 12, 2012

Rome- Hacker gang Anonymous targets Vatican again

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(AGI) Rome- The Holy See is being targeted by hackers from the gang Anonymous once again. Just days after a first attack which generated several problems for the official website, the hackers are back on the rampage. "It pains us to tell you that your systems are less safe than you would like to believe because, while the media furore focused on the blackout, we took the liberty of penetrating your system a little". The main target of the new strike is Vatican Radio: "it is now a renowned fact that you use equipment whose transmission strength exceeds legal limits by far, and the correlation between exposure to high-intensity electromagnetic emissions and serious illnesses such as leukemia, cancer and others is also a sad and proven fact. Many citizens unlucky enough to live within range of your repeaters have tried to undertake legal proceedings in light of their declining health conditions. Anonymous cannot tolerate these crimes, which continue to go unpunished, and would like to remind you that you are 'guests' on Italian soil." In the past days there has been a surge in attacks at the hands of the group, often targeting the websites of the police, carabinieri, Interior Ministry, government, Trenitalia and, yesterday, Equitalia. . .

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