Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Long Beach City Council, Police

LONG BEACH (CBS) — The group Anonymous has reportedly issued a threat against Long Beach government officials and police officers.

The document, addressed to “Long Beach CA City Council and Police Department D0x,” was posted online in response to comments made by Mayor Bob Foster during a discussion about the city’s new ban on medical marijuana collectives, according to the Long Beach Post.

The Post reports that the message issued this dire warning: “We Do Not Forgive/ We Do Not Forget / Expect Us.”

The document posts the home addresses and phone numbers of the mayor, all councilmembers except Dee Andrews and Rae Gabelich, City Attorney Robert Shannon, Police Chief Jim McDonnell and a half-dozen Long Beach police officers before listing grievances, according to the Post.

The document was originally posted on, but has since been removed, the Post reported. It was also posted on This Padded Cell, a website that has been suspended by its host provider, and on, but is no longer available at that site, either.

Anonymous is generally known as an international hacker group and has taken credit for, most recently, taking down the Vatican’s website.

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