Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anonymous in disarray after major crackdown snares leaders

In the U.S. government's biggest crackdown to date on a hacktivist group calling itself "Anonymous," four leaders and one other activist were arrested Tuesday and charged with a computer hacking conspiracy.
The U.S. Department of Justice also revealed Tuesday that it had snared the prime leader of an Anonymous offshoot group called LulzSec, which conducted a high-profile, two-month hacking rampage last summer against corporate and government targets.
The raids and arrests put the loosely connected hacking movement into disarray.
Several members who affiliate themselves with Anonymous claimed on Twitter to have been raided by federal authorities. A popular Anonymous Twitter account, @YourAnonNews, was continuously tweeting in response that the movement "doesn't have a leader," and is instead "an idea" that will "keep growing, adapting and evolving, no matter what." What particularly set the movement on edge was the conviction and apparent turning of the LulzSec leader Hector Xavier Monsegur, known by his hacker alias Sabu.


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